Inexpensive, versatile, and comfortably fuzzy, pipe cleaners can be transformed into a host of last-minute costumes, like this sweet gnome!

September 05, 2013
Credit: Photo by Aaron Dyer

You will need:11 white pipe cleaners14-inch square of red felt

1. Create a double- thick base for the beard by twisting two pipe cleaners together, offsetting them by about an inch on each end.

2. Lay this base across your child's face, centering it under his bottom lip. Wrap the ends around his ears, then connect the tips to the base with twists to form loops.

3. Fold a pipe cleaner in half, and bend it into a mustache shape over your child's upper lip. Remove the beard and twist the mustache ends onto the base.

4. Starting next to one ear loop, wrap a pipe cleaner around the base and curl the ends, as shown at right. Add more pipe cleaners until the beard is full.

5. For a simple hat, roll the red felt into a cone. Secure the seam with tacky glue and trim the edges.

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