Add some sizzle to your festivities with these easy, kid-friendly fireworks.

What You'll Need:

Pipe cleaners or chenille stems (red, white, blue), scissors, glue, glitter (red, silver, blue), thick sponge, yarn or clear thread (optional)

Make It:

  1. Gather the pipe cleaners or chenille stems and cut them in half. You will need five or six whole stems of the same color (ten or 12 halves) to make one firework.
  2. Dip approximately a half inch of each end of the stems into glue, then submerge tips in a small bowl of glitter. Lay the stems on a thick sponge to dry.
  3. Gather all stems together except one. Take the extra stem and twist it around the others. Bend and flare out the arms to resemble a firework.
  4. Want to hang them? Tie on thin thread!

Originally published in the July 2009 issue of Parents magazine.

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