Let your child give this easy project a whirl.


What You'll Need:

Colored or patterned paper, hole punch, scissors, brass paper fastener (or brad), stickers, tape, pencil, ruler

Make It:

  1. Fold opposite corners of an 8 1/2" square of paper into a triangle; unfold and repeat with other two corners. Unfold again and cut along the fold lines, stopping 1" from the center. Punch a hole in the center and at corners as shown.
  2. Fold in the corners with punched holes to the center. Line up all four holes over center hole, and secure with a brass paper fastener.
  3. To make a handle, roll up a piece of colored paper (using the pencil as a guide) and secure with tape. Punch a hole at the top and use the pinwheel's paper fastener to attach the wheel and handle together. Decorate with star and dot stickers.

Originally published in the July 2004 issue of Parents magazine.

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