Make Greeting Card Jewelry

Regift a pretty card by turning it into a flower pendant or pin for a thoughtful Mother's Day or teacher present.

Flower pendant David Roth

You will need:

Circle paper punch (we used a 1 1/2-inch punch for the pin and a 1-inch punch for the pendant) or lid to trace
Old greeting cards
Clear-drying tacky glue
Small self-adhesive gem
Needle and yarn or jewelry cord (for pendant)
Self-adhesive pin backing (for pin; available at craft stores)

    cut out circles David Roth

    Step 1: Punch or cut out six circles from the greeting cards.

      circles folded David Roth

      Step 2: Cut the circles in half, then fold the half-circles with the patterned sides facing in.

        circles glued David Roth

        Step 3: Glue the half-circles to one another, plain sides together.

          Flower pendant David Roth

          Step 4: Stick a gem to the center of the flower.

          To finish: For a pendant, use the needle to pierce a small hole in one petal and thread it onto the yarn or cord. For a pin, punch or cut another greeting card circle, adhere a pin backing, and glue the flower to the circle's opposite side.

          Originally published in the May 2012 issue of FamilyFun magazine