Make a Flower Power Headband

This easy craft makes a great Mother's Day gift, a sweet teacher gift, or simply a creative activity at home!
David Roth

Who knew that fabric salvaged from an old tee could be transformed into something so pretty? The sewing required here is very basic -- one simple X-stitch does it all.

You will need:
Old T-shirt
Chalk or fabric marker
Felt in two colors
Straight pins
Embroidery thread
Large embroidery needle
3 inches of 3/4-inch elastic

David Roth

1. With sharp scissors, cut an 18- by 4-inch piece of T-shirt fabric. Fold it in half so that the short ends meet, then trace the headband template. Cut it out.

2. Trace the flower and circle templates onto the felt. Cut out the shapes and pin them as desired onto the headband.

3. Sew the pieces in place with X-stitches. Attach the elastic with two X-stitches on each end as shown.

How to make an X-stitch: Thread the needle and knot the thread at one end, leaving a short tail. Starting on the underside, bring the needle up through the fabric, make a short stitch, then bring the needle back down. Repeat with a second stitch to make an X. Trim the thread, leaving some extra length, then tie the knot's tail and the thread end together to secure the stitching.

Originally published in the May 2012 issue of FamilyFun magazine

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