Your child will go wild over this creative craft.

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1. Measure the length of your child's hand from the top of his middle finger to his wrist and double it. Then measure the width and add 1 1/2". Help your child trace a rectangle with those dimensions on two sheets of tan felt, and cut out the rectangles.

2. Position the rectangles vertically, and fold each in half lengthwise. Trim the top outside corners (away from the center crease) into soft curves. Unfold the rectangles. They will become the giraffe's body.

3. For the ears, cut out two pieces of orange felt in a flower-petal shape about 3" long and 1 1/2" wide (for a 12"-long body). Cut out a smaller piece of tan felt in the same shape. Glue a tan piece to the front of each orange ear. Then apply glue to the bottom front of each ear, and pinch the bases together so the ears curve inward.

4. Cut out two 2" by 3" rectangles of orange felt for the giraffe's horns. Apply a line of glue lengthwise on one end of each rectangle. Then, starting from the other end, roll each rectangle into a tight tube.

5. Lay one of the tan rectangles flat with the curved end on top, and apply glue along the edges except for the bottom. Place the ears on the glue at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock angles. Position the horns on the glue between the ears. Put the second rectangle on top, and press the glue-lined edges together.

6. Cut out pieces of orange felt in different shapes and sizes for the spots, and glue them onto the front of the neck. Cut out two small black-felt ovals for the eyes, and glue pieces of black embroidery floss to the tops for eyelashes. Glue the eyes onto the giraffe about 1" below the horns. Cut a thin strip of black felt approximately 1 1/2" long, and glue it along a slight curve under the eyes to make a smiling mouth.

7. Cut a piece of fringe trim 1" longer than the length of the giraffe. Help your child glue it to the center of the puppet's back, with the extra trim attached to the front of the giraffe's face centered between the horns. Wait a few hours for the glue to dry. Then put on a puppet show with your child and his friends!

What You'll Need

  • Ruler/tape measure
  • Two 9" by 12" sheets of tan and orange felt and 1 sheet of black felt
  • Pencil
  • Child-safe scissors
  • Crafter's Pick "The Ultimate" glue
  • 1/8 yard black embroidery floss
  • 1/2 yard colorful fringe trim

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