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Jewelry Kids Make Felt Dino Brooches
Aaron Dyer
Help your kiddos make their own brooches, rings, and necklaces from wood, fabric, and other household materials. No precious gems required!
Aaron Dyer
Aaron Dyer

Bentwood Bracelets

What You'll Need:  Craft sticks (5⅞"x11⁄16"), washi tape, mod Podge (matte), wax paper

1. Boil craft sticks for 5 minutes. Turn off heat. Let them sit for half an hour.

2. Gently bend a craft stick into a bracelet shape, using a round object such as a rolling pin. Place it in a cylindrical container like a jelly mason jar, and let dry for at least 4 to 6 hours.

3. Add washi tape to the top side, then brush on Mod Podge. Set on wax paper to dry completely.

Aaron Dyer
Aaron Dyer

Wood Pendants

What You'll Need: Drill and 1/16" drill bit, 1¼" wood squares, painter’s tape, acrylic paint, 10mm metal jump rings, metal chains

1. On a protected surface, drill a 1/16" hole into a corner of a square (an adult’s job).

2. Wrap painter’s tape around one half of the diamond.

3. Paint uncovered half with acrylic paint, remove the tape, and let dry.

4. Add a 10mm jump ring to the hole. (To open the ring, twist—don’t pull—the ends apart with your fingers or pliers.) Add a chain through the ring.

Tip: Paint the surface white first to make the final color brighter!

Aaron Dyer
Aaron Dyer

Fabric Covered Button Rings

What You'll Need: Size 30 Craft Cover Button kit (includes blank backs), fabric scraps, E6000 glue, ring blanks

1. Follow the kit directions to cover buttons with fabric and attach the blank backs (the ones without the shank loop).

2. Glue the button backs to the rings and let them dry.

Aaron Dyer
Aaron Dyer

Chain-Bead Wrap Bracelets

What You'll Need: 40" round leather cording, 58" cotton cording string, 14.5" beaded chain (find it at hardware stores), wooden bead

1. Fold the leather cord in half. Place one end of the cotton cording at the top of the leather cord (at the fold). Make a slipknot with the leather cord, securing the end of the cotton cording into the knot.

2. Wrap the cotton around the leather strands below the knot once. Line up bead chain with the knot, then wrap the cotton around the leather and between each bead.

3. When the chain ends, wrap the cotton around the leather at the end. Thread all three strands through a bead and knot the end. Trim the excess.

Tip: While wrapping the leather, use a small bull clip to hold the top loop in place on a piece of cardboard!

Aaron Dyer
Aaron Dyer

Felt Dino Brooches

What You'll Need: Scrap paper, thin cardboard (like a cereal box), straight pins, felt, double-sided tape, embroidery needle, #5 Perle Cotton embroidery floss, hot glue, .75" pin backs

1. Draw a dinosaur on paper or use our template, cut out, and trace onto cardboard. Cut it out inside the line so it’s slightly smaller than the template.

2. Pin the dino to two layers of felt; cut through both.

3. Sandwich the cardboard dino between the felt with double-sided tape. 

4. Whipstitch around the outside with embroidery floss.

5. Create an eye on the dino’s head by threading a needle with floss and tying a knot at the end. Push the needle through the spot where you want to place the eye, and pull until the knot is against the felt. Tie another knot on the other side of the felt. Trim extra thread on both sides.

6. Hot-glue the pin back to the back of the dinosaur. Let dry completely.

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