Recycled Mini Journal: How-To Video

Craft these tiny journals out of spaghetti boxes and magazines pages.

What You'll Need:

Long pasta box, scissors, craft paper, pencil, brown butcher paper, tacky craft glue, string or yarn, glue stick, decorative-edge scissors, magazines

Make It:

  1. Cut bottom and top off box. Cut across box to create two sections. Then cut off one long, narrow side to form book.
  2. Trace your book cover onto solid craft paper with pencil; cut out and set aside.
  3. Measure butcher paper to the height of book and cut a long strip. Accordion-fold the paper to match the width of the book.
  4. Tacky-glue the folded edge of the paper to the inside spine of the book. Glue end pages to the inside covers.
  5. Cut two 5" strings and glue them to the front and back center edges of the covers.
  6. Use glue stick to adhere the craft paper you set aside to the cover (over box label).
  7. Cut paper about 1" wider than the spine with decorative-edge scissors; use glue stick to attach to spine of book.
  8. Cut shapes from magazines to decorate cover of book. Attach with glue stick.

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