Build this friendly robot out of common kitchen materials.

What You'll Need:

Twist ties, 10 oz. can, milk-jug lid ring, water bottle lids, food box, 26 oz. coffee can, colored drink lids, paper towel tube, glue stick, foil, paper, two 6 oz. cans, hot glue gun, marker

Make It:

  1. Using a hot glue gun, stack a 26 oz. coffee can on top of two 6 oz. cans to make the robot's body and legs, and top with a 10 oz. can for the head.
  2. Cut colorful squares from a food box and glue to paper using a glue stick. Glue the paper to the center of the coffee can to make the robot's control panel.
  3. Use the hot glue gun to attach colorful drink lids as knobs.
  4. Cut a bowtie from the food box and attach using the glue stick.
  5. Cut two 2"-wide sections of a paper towel tube and flatten. Coat each side with a glue stick and wrap with foil. Cut fingers of out one end, and glue to sides of coffee can.
  6. Use a marker to draw dots on the water bottle lids, and glue to robot's head as eyes. Attach using the glue gun.
  7. Cut a square and rectangles from food box as nose, eyebrows, and mouth, and affix using the glue stick.
  8. Twirl twist ties around a pencil to create a spiral shape, and then glue to the top of the head as antennae.

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