Be a DIY Jedi!


May the Fourth be with you! Celebrate unofficial-official Star Wars Day (May 4) with these easy light-up sabers.

To do:

  • Cut a clear T12 light-guard tube (about $4 at hardware stores) to 25½ inches.
  • Tightly roll a 25 x 4¼-inch strip of vellum or tissue paper, insert it into the light guard, and adjust so ½ inch remains uncovered at one end, using a bit of clear tape to hold in place.
  • Close the other end with the plastic cap that comes with the tube.
  • Wrap electrical tape around the lamp end of a 1½-inch diameter LED flashlight until the tube slips over it snugly, then secure it with tape on the outside.
  • Switch on to play!

Family Fun