Draggin' Wagon Parade Cans: How-To Video

Tie this tin can noisemaker to the back of your kid's bike, ride-on, or wagon.

Make a Dragging Noisemaker

    What You'll Need:

    Tin cans, screwdriver, hammer, colored tape, office dot stickers, clear packing tape, twine or ribbon, scissors

    Make It:

      1. Wash cans and let dry. Place screwdriver on closed end of can and make a hole by tapping with a hammer.
      2. Decorate cans with colored tape and dot stickers, and cover surface with clear packing tape to protect from scrapes.
      3. Thread twine through the hole and make a knot on the inside of the can. Cut the string at least 2' long and tie securely to the back of the wagon.

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