Kid Crafts How-To Videos

Our favorite kid crafts are now demonstrated step-by-step in short how-to videos. Follow the instructions to help your child express creativity!

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How to Make an Advent Calendar
Kids can help make this easy advent calendar to count down the days until Christmas.
Quirky Crown: How-To Video
Metallic chenille stems make this kooky cap look like a fireworks display.
Recycled Mini Journal: How-To Video
Craft these tiny journals out of spaghetti boxes and magazines pages.
Upcycled T-shirt Bowl: How-To Video
Kids can create these cute fabric bowls from recycled t-shirts.
Funny Farm Bunny Egg Craft: How-To Video
Transform an egg into an iconic Easter critter using felt.

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Confetti Eggs Craft: How-To Video
Fill blown-out eggs with water-soluble Ecofetti for a mess-free game of catch on the lawn.