Help the kids make a beautiful spring bouquet with old magazines from your recycling bin.

What You'll Need:

Pencil, ruler, scissors, glossy magazines, hole punch, green pipe cleaners or chenille stems, buttons

Make It:

  1. Cut 4 to 6 same-size strips lengthwise from colorful magazine pages. Choose the width of your strips from 1/2 inch to 1 inch -- the narrower the strips, the more you will need to make the flower appear full.
  2. Punch 3 holes along each strip -- one centered and the others 1/2 inch from either end. Hold paper facedown and poke a pipe cleaner or chenille stem through the center hole. Fold ends over to slide other two holes onto stem.
  3. Add remaining strips, arranging them to form a flower design, as shown. Thread the pipe cleaner or chenille stem through a button, then back in through the flower, twisting stem behind the petals to hold it in place.

Originally published in the May 2009 issue of Parents magazine.

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