Teach your child how to fold a sheet of origami paper into a frog.


Your kids will jump at the chance to make this cute craft (which can double as a fun game)! Just help them follow the instructions for folding a sheet of origami paper into a frog; then, for optional fun, challenge them to launch their creations into lily-pad targets made from stamped cupcake liners.

hoppy leap year origami frog
Credit: Alexandra Grablewski

Here's what you need:

  • 1 square sheet of origami paper
  • 4 green cupcake liners (optional)
  • Number stamps and stamp pad (optional)

Here's what to do:

1. Cut a square sheet of paper in half lengthwise.

2. Fold each rectangle into a frog as follows:

  • Fold the rectangle in half to mark the center line; unfold it.
  • Fold, then unfold each corner toward the center line to create two X-shaped folds. c. Bring one short edge to the center; tuck in sides to create a triangle. Repeat on other side. You now have a diamond with an opening in the center.
  • Rotate it so that the center line is parallel to you.
  • Fold the top left corner to meet the top middle point of the diamond. Repeat with remaining corners to get small diamonds at the top and bottom.
  • For the feet, fold each small flap in half so that the points face out.
  • Fold the top two feet in half again, toward the center. Flip over.
  • Bring the outside right corner to the center. Repeat with the opposite corner.
  • Fold up the bottom; tuck it under the two side flaps. Flip over.
  • Fold the bottom half up so the bottom and top feet overlap, then fold it in half back down. Flip over.


3. Flip four green cupcake liners inside out. Cut a small wedge out of each to get a lily-pad shape.

4. Stamp numbers onto each liner. Now kids can launch the frogs into lily-pad targets!

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