Frog Valentine
Credit: Peter Ardito

Cut paper into heart shapes to make this toad-ally adorable frog valentine. What you'll need: Spoon, craft paper, heart-shaped paper punch, scissors, marker, and glue.

1. Fold paper in half, then fold in half again. draw a half-heart against the folded corner, making sure that the top and side edges align with the folds. Cut out, unfold, and flatten.

2. Cut 4 legs as shown, 2 at an angle about 5" tall and 2 straight about 4" tall. Punch 6 hearts and glue to ends as feet. Glue legs under big heart, and bend larger legs at the knees.

3. Trace spoon handle, cut out, and glue inside of mouth. Cut 2 2" dark- green and 2 1" light-green ovals; glue together. Draw pupils; fold edge of ovals, and glue to top of head.

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