Your Great Ideas: Get Creative With Clothes

Pick a Winning Wardrobe
Here are a few of our favorite reader ideas for organizing and upcycling kids' clothes.

End the Wardrobe Wars

After my daughter, Elsa, age 4, started insisting on wearing dresses to school every day, I came up with a system that would encourage her to wear a more varied wardrobe but also let her pick what to wear. Using clip art, I made a sign for each day of the week, showing different types of outfits (Monday: shirt and pants, Tuesday: dress and leggings, and so on). Below each sign, I attached a plastic hook. Every Sunday we hang up outfits of Elsa's choice, and every morning we get dressed in peace. --Erica Berg Oak Park, IL

Give New Life to Old Shirts

I can't bear to give away the special shirts my daughters have outgrown, so we decided to turn the most precious ones into keepsake pillows. We cut a shirt into a fun shape -- a cat face from a kitty-patterned pajama top, a coffee mug from a diner shirt -- then we sew the front and back together and stuff it with fiberfill. The girls can display the pillows or snuggle with them at bedtime (remembering good times makes for sweet dreams). --Ceil Than Port Jefferson, NY

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Backseat Activity Station

To keep my daughter's toys and art supplies organized in the car, I sewed a few extra pockets to an unused apron and tied it to the back of the seat in front of her. With books, pens, paper, and little toys tucked in the apron pockets, Ada always has something to amuse her. --Shannon Muedeking Gerhardt Burnsville, MN

A Hip Tip for Hand-Me-Downs

My elder son, Simon, had the cutest personalized sweatshirts from his drama club program at school. When he outgrew them, I used a fabric paint pen to personalize them for my younger son, Henry. He feels proud when people recognize him as "Simon's little brother." --Sandy Rasmussen Blaine, WA

Pick a Winning Wardrobe

To make it easier for my 8-year-old daughter, Sophie, to choose outfits on her own, we made card stock dividers that organize the clothes in her closet into categories: school, play, and dressy. This project was easy and super-inexpensive. --Julie Stewart Laurel, MS

Originally published in the August, October, and November 2012 issues of FamilyFun magazine

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