Fun Tie-Dye Projects for Kids: Ringer

This circle shirt couldn't be simpler to create.

White t-shirt with ribber band in middle Photograph by Allie Cottrill

For the best results, use a prewashed and dried 100 percent cotton T-shirt. Gather up some rubber bands and prepare a shirt for the dye.

At the center of the tee between the armpits, pinch just the top layer of the tee. Pull the fabric up into a point, letting the rest of the shirt fall away. Smooth the fabric down evenly from your pinched point, creating a skinny cone shape. Wrap a rubber band tightly around it. Move the rubber-banded ring up or down to make the circle smaller or larger. For a wider line, wrap a few bands around the same spot. Or create a bull's-eye by adding bands above and below the first one. Wet the tee before dyeing it.

    Originally published in the August 2015 issue of FamilyFun magazine.