Happy Crafternoon! Four Easy Crafts Using Household Supplies

Creative projects to make with your child -- from the new book Project Kid.

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Birdy Bottle Bookend

Wondering what to do with those orphaned socks? A lone baby sock makes a perfect penguin head.

  • Learn how to create your own.
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Upcycled Bumblebee Craft: How-To Video

Project Kid author Amanda Kingloff shows how to upcycle a plastic drink bottle into a cute bumblebee craft.

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Homemade Memory Game

To create this fun learning activity, have your child draw 15 different pictures. Then color-copy or scan and print each drawing. Cut out both the original and copy to match the size and shape of a plan coaster. Glue the cut-outs to blank coasters. If you like, adorn the back side of cards with stickers.

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Hardware-Store Accessories

Mix and match colors to make stylish bracelets that kids will love to trade with their friends.

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Family Message Center

Leave notes the old-fashioned way with these friendly-face magnetic clothespin clips.

what you'll need

Clothespins, fine-tip markers, self-adhesive magnets, wood circle cut-outs, tacky glue

make it

1. Color one side of each clothespin with a marker. Adhere a magnet to the uncolored side.
2. Draw faces on larger wood circles for adults in your family and medium ones for kids. Glue them to the tops of colored clothespin sides.

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Clothespin Family: Hair

what you'll need

Embroidery thread, scissors, tacky glue

make it

1. Wrap embroidery thread around your fingers eight to ten times. Use one finger for a baby's tuft, three for short hair, and four for longer hair.
2. Cut the thread from skein and twist once in the middle. Glue onto the wood circle at the point of the twist.

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Clothespin Family: Necktie

what you'll need

Ribbon, scissors, tacky glue

make it

1. Tie a knot in a 1/2"-wide ribbon, leaving 2" below knot.
2. Cut bottom of ribbon into a V shape. Glue it below face.

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Clothespin Family: Lollipop

what you'll need

Fine-tip markers, small wood circle cut-out, toothpick, scissors, tacky glue

make it

1. Draw two swirls of contrasting colors onto small wood circle.
2. Cut toothpick to 3/4" and glue to back of circle. Glue to face.

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Clothespin Family: Hair Bow

what you'll need

Ribbon, scissors, tacky glue

make it

1. Tie a bow with ribbon and glue it below face or in hair.

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Fun for All

Project Kid features 100 crafts and activities for kids and parents alike. Plus, author Amanda Kingloff also contributes fun family projects to our "Everyday Fun" blog.

Excerpted from Project Kid, by Amanda Kingloff (Artisan Books). Copyright 2014. Photographs by Alexandra Grablewski.

Originally published in the June 2014 issue of Parents magazine.

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