14 Fun Fall Crafts for Kids

We dare you not to fall in love (pun intended) with these easy leaf, pine cone, and acorn crafts perfect for toddlers and preschoolers to do at home this autumn.

There's arguably no better season than fall for turning nature's bounty into fun art projects. From colorful leaves to fallen twigs, pinecones, and acorns, all you have to do is walk outside to get some inspiration—and free supplies! To get you started, we've rounded up some of our favorite fall crafts for kids that you can work on together as the weather cools and the days start to get shorter.

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Pine Cone Pumpkin

pine cone pumpkin
Manda Panda Projects

Halloween is everyone's favorite fall holiday. That's what makes pine cone craft perfect for this spooky holiday. Manda Panda Projects brings us this adorable pine cone pumpkin. Your little one will get to practice painting and glueing as part of this fun fall craft.

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Leaf-shaped Suncatchers

leaf suncatchers
Crafts on Sea

It's not childhood without a suncatcher! That's why we love these leaf-shaped suncatchers made from tissue paper. Whether your little one is a tearer or a cutter, they're sure to love filling the leaf outlines with tiny pieces of colored paper. Don't forget to display these beautiful leaf crafts in the sun!

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Classic Pinecone Bird Feeder

pinecone bird feeder
One Little Project at a Time

Kids and endlessly fascinated by birds. And this fall craft for kids—a pinecone bird feeder—is sure to bring all the birds to your yard.

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Painted Pine Cone Turkeys

Painted Pine Cone Turkeys
Handy Little Me

This adorable Thanksgiving turkey is one of our favorite pine cone crafts. Break out the fall-colored paint and top it off with felt and a pom-pom for the turkey's cute face. How adorable will this be on your dinner table on turkey day?

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Toddler Paper Acorn Craft

acorn paper craft
No Time for Flashcards

Those earliest scribbles are so adorable, and they'll be dear to your heart for the rest of your life. That's why these crafts with acorns from No Time for Flashcards are one of the best fall crafts for toddlers. Have your little one "color" on a brown paper bag then help them glue it to the acorn template for an adorable result.

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Colored Salt Dough Leaf Impressions

Colored Salt Dough Leaf Impressions
Freebie Finding Mom

Looking for fun fall crafts for kids you can display for years to come? Look no further than these beautiful salt dough leaf impressions. Simple to make and completely safe using Crayola crayons, these adorable leaf crafts from Freebie Finding Mom are a must-do this fall.

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Leaf Hair and Crown Craft

Leaf Hair and Crown
Glued to my Crafts

How cute is this printable? Here, a face serves as a backdrop for your little one's imagination. Collect some pretty fall leaves to glue on short hair, long hair, or maybe a hat. Either way, we're totally loving these leaf crafts!

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Cute Acorn Squirrel Craft

squirrel acorn craft
Mama Instincts

We're obsessed with crafts with acorns. Just look at this acorn squirrel—it's totally adorable! Help your little one pull together their own furry fall animal using the instructions provided by the Mama Instincts blog.

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Fall Leaf Chalk Pastel Art

fall leaf chalk pastel art
Projects with Kids

If you're on the hunt for fun fall crafts for preschoolers, this pastel leaf outline makes a great choice. Bright colors pop against a cool black background on this leaf craft from the Projects with Kids blog.

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Marbled Paper Fall Leaves

Marbled Paper Fall Leaves
Typically Simple

Shaving cream and paint come together to make some beautiful fall leaf crafts, courtesy of the Typically Simple blog. String the leaves together for a pretty fall garland, or use them as fun paper to jot down notes. Either way, we're loving these fun fall crafts for kids.

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Tissue Paper Fall Wreath

fall leaf wreath
Happy Hooligans

A great fall craft for even the youngest kids, this fall wreath from Happy Hooligans comes together in a snap. Let your little one go to town balling up tissue paper in pretty fall colors, then help them glue the balls onto a circular paper wreath. It's a cute way to display your kiddo's most special work.

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Pine Cone Spider

pine cone spider
Natural Living Ideas

This creepy, crawly spider may seem scary at first, but a second glance reveals it's a fun pine cone craft for kids as Halloween approaches. Natural Living Ideas brings us this craft, where pipe cleaners are added to a simple pine cone for a cute Halloween spider.

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Handprint Acorn Craft

handprint acorn craft
Crafty Morning

Handprint art helps make memories as your little ones grow. That's why we love this fall acorn handprint from Crafty Morning. Keep it simple as shown, or let your kiddo create a fun face once the acorn is dry.

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Mosaic Acorn Craft

mosaic acorn
Crafts by Amanda

This pretty mosaic acorn craft makes a good choice if you're looking for fun fall crafts for kids. Your little one will get plenty of practice cutting and gluing for a beautiful, colorful end result.

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