Let the fun unfold with this paper-folding project.

By Illustrations and instructions adapted from Think and Do Origami Noah's Ark and reprinted with permission by Think of It! (888-844-6566).
October 05, 2005

Easy Origami, pg. 1

Dove (steps 1 to 3)

1. Begin with patterned (or colored) side up. Turn over.

2. Fold in half, top to bottom.

3. Fold in half, left to right; unfold.

Easy Origami, pg. 2

Dove (steps 4 to 6)

4. Fold a little less than one-third of the bottom edge up (as indicated by the line). Turn over.

5. Fold only the top layer down at the dotted line.

6. Rotate entire piece, left to right.

Easy Origami, pg. 3

Dove (steps 7 to 9)

7. Fold in half, top to bottom.

8. Fold the bottom tip up at a slight angle to form a wing. Repeat on the other side.

9. Fold the left tip over, crease, open, and fold inward to form the head.

Easy Origami, pg. 4

Penguin (steps 1 to 3)

1. Fold sides in half diagonally so they meet in the center.

2. Fold back bottom half of lower triangle.

3. Fold inner tips of flaps under. Hint: Fold toward front, crease, then fold under.

Easy Origami, pg. 5

Penguin (steps 4 to 6)

4. Fold top flap down (about halfway), crease, and unfold.

5. Make shorter fold with tip.

6. Fold tip up.

Easy Origami, pg. 6

Penguin (steps 7 to 9)

7. Fold top portion down along existing crease (created from step 5).

8. Fold piece in half vertically toward back.

9. Hold the piece at 1, and pull piece 2 up, then flatten.

Easy Origami, pg. 7

Penguin (steps 10 to 11)

10. Fold bottom-right section inside. Repeat on opposite side.

11. Fold tip down slightly.

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