Learn how to make a friendly bird puppet from a paper bag.

By Crafts by Jocelyn Worrall, Photographs by Trevor Dixon, Styled by Helen Quinn
Trevor Dixon

What you'll need Paper lunch bag, craft glue, wrapping paper, scissors, blue and orange tissue paper, 2 white bottle caps, ribbon, double-stick tape, curly ribbon bunches ($1 each; partycity.com), gift-wrap bow

Make it:

1. Beak: Lay paper bag flat with bottom facing up. Fold the 2 bottom corners of bag's bottom up; secure with glue. Cut a triangle the width of bag from orange wrapping paper and glue over the turned-up bottom of bag.

2. Head: Cut a dome shape the width of bag and about 5" tall from wrapping paper. Fringe the straight edge and glue to bag just above the triangle.

3. Eyes and nostrils: Roll 2 small balls of tissue paper in each color. Glue blue ones inside 2 bottle caps and glue on bird's head. Glue 2 orange balls on beak.

4. Body: Cut 6 2" strips of ribbon; glue.

5. Tape a curly ribbon bunch to either side of the bag as wings. Stick gift-wrap bow to top for head feathers.

Originally published in the November 2012 issue of Parents magazine.

Parents Magazine


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