DIY Barnyard Set

DIY Barnyard Grass Pond Fence Set
Aaron Dyer
Your kids will go hog wild for this barnyard set! It’s chock-full of projects to pick and choose from—including quirky cork animals and a shoe-box barn with a working door—that’ll keep them crafting (and playing!) for hours.
Aaron Dyer
Aaron Dyer

Farm Animals

Cute faces and bendy pipecleaner legs give each of these critters their own personality.

What to Do: Coat a cork in acrylic paint; let dry. Cut your animal’s face out of felt (we got all our felt at, draw on features, and trim pipe cleaners for legs/feet, neck, and tail. To attach them, poke a hole in the cork with a toothpick, add a dab of glue, then push in the pipe cleaner. Glue on faces and any details, like beads for hooves, trimmed cotton swabs for ears, and pom-poms for woolly coats.  

Aaron Dyer
Aaron Dyer

Veggie Garden

Kids can really “plant” these teeny veggies! Start with lettuce and carrots, and see what else they want to grow.

What to Do: For the planter: Cut squares of brown felt to the width of a gift box; roll them into tubes and glue the edges together. Place a few side by side in box. Glue strips of white felt to outside for a fence. For lettuce: Cut a felt circle with scallopedged scissors. Fold it into quarters; glue it together.

For carrots: Cut two each of the veggie and leaf shapes from felt. Sandwich a piece of toothpick between them; glue together. 

Tip: Clip clothespins to wooden craft sticks for a fence.

Aaron Dyer
Aaron Dyer

Barn & Silo

This shoe-box-turned-barn has a real working door!

What to Do: Remove lid from a shoe box; flip box over. Draw an angled roof at one end. Cut it out with a utility knife (an adult’s job), then trim and bend the sides to follow the roofline; tape in place. Cut out a window and a door, then decorate the barn with red, white, and black painter’s tape.

For the sliding door: Glue a straw to the back of the cut-out door; let dry. Thread red string through the straw, line up the door over the opening, and wrap the thread around the sides; secure in the back with tape. Make a second floor: Glue a piece of the lid to the inside, then paint the inside red.

Make a silo: Wrap a piece of scrapbook paper around a Pringles tube; glue in place. Cut a small circle of white felt, cut out a wedge, then bring the edges together to make a cone; glue to the top. 

Aaron Dyer
Aaron Dyer


Roll up this mat to store it in between playtimes. 

What to Do: Customize a square of green felt with a pond, stones, path, and other details. Place them in position first, then glue them down. 

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