Make Cute Clay Animal Crafts

Make a menagerie of critters by sculpting just a few simple shapes. See the step-by-step instructions here for our cat. Then, using the same technique, try your hand at creating an elephant or a bunny, penguin, or pig!
Photograph by Alexandra Grablewski; Idea by Esther Taal,

Create a Cat

1. Roll bakeable polymer clay (such as Fimo) into a ball. Add flattened-egg-shape feet.
2. Form eyes and diamond-shaped ears, then insert them into holes made with a toothpick. Press on the nose, the cheeks, and arms, as shown.
3. Use the toothpick to add lines for fingers and toes. Roll a snake of clay for a tail and press it onto the back.
4. Bake the clay as the package directs, then add a dot to each eye with a white paint marker.

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