Help Dad sort office supplies in style with this neat desk organizer.


What You'll Need:

3 aluminum cans, DecoArt no-prep metal paint (3 colors), Sponge brushes, Dishwashing glove (optional), Colored rubber bands, 3 metal-rimmed tags, Crayons, 2 small binder clips

Make It:

  1. Paint 3 empty aluminum cans with no-prep metal paint; set aside to dry. (Make it clean and easy by wearing a dishwashing glove to hold the can while your child paints.)
  2. Stretch colored rubber bands around the body of each can. Crisscross them for a more abstract look, or follow the can's grooves to create evenly spaced stripes.
  3. Let your child write D-A-D, one letter per tag. Loop a rubber band through the hole and wrap it around the can. Use binder clips to hold the cans together.

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