9 Rainbow Tie-Dye Projects to Do at Home

Looking for a colorful craft? Check out these nine unique ideas for rainbow tie-dye projects, from personalized beach towels to reusable tote bags.

DIY Tie-Dye Scarf

Tie-dye provides endless entertainment for kids of all ages. Little ones love mixing the colors, applying the dye, and wearing their creations once they dry. From personalized beach towels to braided necklaces, check out these nine rainbow tie-dye projects to recreate at home.

Classic T-Shirt

Got a beginner on your hands? As an introduction to tie-dye, teach your kid how to design basic rainbow T-shirts. You can either buy an easy-to-use tie-dye kit at the craft store or whip up a DIY dye bath at home. Learn more about both methods here.

Tie dyed tee shirts hanging from a clothes line
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Personalized Beach Towel

Holly Homer from Kids Activities made this personalized beach towel with duct tape and spray tie-dye. If you recreate this project at home, let your little ones get creative with the design. Instead of spelling out their name, for example, they can write a favorite slogan or design abstract art. Find the instructions here.

Braided Headband

Is your child’s hair constantly falling in her face? Hold it back with this rainbow tie-dye headband made from an old T-shirt. Liz from The Pretty Life Girls teaches readers how to make three different headband styles: braided, knotted, and twisted. Learn more about the project here.

DIY Tie Dye Braided Headband
DIY Candy. DIY Candy

Tie-Dye Shoes

Grab a pair of white canvas sneakers and a tie-dye kit, and you’re ready to make these colorful kicks! You’ll need to apply dye on the shoes with a paintbrush; get the full instructions here.

Groovy Jewelry

These upcycled accessories by Shannon from Madigan Made can dress up any outfit. To make them, she tie-dyed T-shirts and transformed them into fabric necklaces and bracelets. Magnetic closures and beaded accents round out the project, which was published on Dollar Store Crafts.

DIY Tie-Dye Jewelry
Dollar Store Crafts. Dollar Store Crafts

Colorful Socks

Not only do these tie-dyed socks (created by The Tiptoe Fairy) create a major fashion statement, they’re also the perfect activity for a birthday party or sleepover. Kids can easily customize their socks with different colors and patterns. Try the technique on tube socks, ankle socks, and knee-length socks—the possibilities are endless!

Reusable Tote Bag

With a rainbow tie-dye tote bag, you won’t need to use environmentally-damaging plastic bags at the grocery store. Kids can also use the totes for transporting toys, snacks, and more.

Tye-Dye Scarf

Can you believe this unique scarf was made with a T-shirt, fabric scissors, and a tie-dye kit? The bright, cheerful accessory adds a pop of color to plain clothing, and it’s lightweight enough for springtime use. Visit Ginger Snap Crafts for more.

DIY Tie-Dye Scarf

Perfect Pillow Cases

These rainbow tie-dye pillow cases provide the perfect place to rest your head at night. Kids can even make a matching set of sheets for their bedroom. Find the instructions on Plain Vanilla Mom.

DIY Tie Dye Pillow Case
Plain Vanilla Mom. Plain Vanilla Mom
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