How to Make Spoon Puppets

This kitchy crew of spoon puppets is made using things from your pantry.


-Gather up a bunch of wooden spoons and some unexpected materials from your kitchen and you and your kids can create a family of puppets to play with. For this craft, you'll need assorted wooden spoons, office dot stickers, scissors, hot glue, tape, cupcake liners, a sponge, a mesh [unk] bag, wax paper, a 3 inch piece of paper dot candy and a cardboard box label. First, we're gonna give this guy a bow tie and a hat. We've cut a hat-shaped from a kitchen sponge and a bow tie shape and we're gonna use scissors just to cut a little opening in the hat and an opening in a bow tie. And we're gonna slide on bow tie and slide on his hat. From a nutrition label, we've cut 2 slits one a the top and one at the bottom and slide that on, that will be his tuxedo and from 2 cupcake liners we're going to make a vest. Just flatten up the cupcake liner, place it underneath and just add a little hot glue and glues up his vest. To make his eyes, please 2 white office stickers on his face and we're gonna give him blue eyes 2 smaller office dots and 1 red dot for his mouth and lastly, we're going to cut him some eyebrows trace green office dot stickers and it is all done. To make the spoon lady's skirt, we need about 24 inch strip of wax paper, you fold it over, not quite halfway and you've do an accordion folds about 1 inch apart. You can sit that aside and we're going to create a collar, a multi-layers of cupcake liners and we can just stack them alternating and this will be his skirt. We'll cut these all together at one time. Put the one you've designated first skirt aside. Now, slide on the cupcake liners for the collar and lastly for her skirt, use 2 white enforcement stickers in her eyes and some smaller office dot stickers. You can use these larger office dot stickers to create the mouth and the small silver cupcake liner for her hat. Attach it to the spoon using small office dot stickers. To create this cute candy girl, we're using dot candy. Just remove the two dots here and then cut a slit at the top and a slit at the bottom. This is about 3 inch piece. Slide it on to create this cute little polka-dotted shirt. For her hair, we've taken a piece of the mesh [unk] bag, tying a knot in the center and just a little dab of hot glue at the top. Attach her hair, while that [unk] you can make a skirt, usually one cup cake liner. Got a whole in the bottom, slide it on, create a little skirt. To make her face, follow the same step using the office dot stickers. There are so many fun possibilities for these spoon puppets if you and your kids take the time to look in your pantry or around your house for some exciting***CUT DICTATION***

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