How to Make Sock Puppets

Stuff stray socks with cotton batting to turn them into a family of playful puppets.


-I'm going to show you how to make this playable puppet from your family stray socks. For this craft, you will need socks, red card stock, pompoms, white buttons, cotton batting, a rubber band, craft glue and scissors. The first step is to tie a rubber band back 2 inches down on the tip of the sock, and then we're going to stuff the sock with the ball of batting to create the puppet's head. With the smaller sock stuffed with batting, roll it down if you need to create a little hat. You can place that right on top of your sock and we're gonna make the face next. To create the puppet's eyes, you need 2 white buttons that you can glue in place and then 2 black pompoms glued over the buttons and another pompom glued in place with the puppet's nose. Now for the mouth, take a piece of red card stock, fold it in half, give it a nice good crease, apply a little glue either side and were gonna place this right into the heel of the sock to create he puppet's mouth. You really wanna place it right in there. Once you and the kids have mastered the basics, you can gonna get more creative. Use glove for hair part of the sock is scarp. You could create a whole sock puppet family.

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