How to Make Snack Puppets

Attach fruits and veggies together with toothpicks to make these edible food puppets.


-These puppets are made with fruits and veggies. It's a great excuse to have kids do their food. When they're done, they're left with a nutritious snack. For this craft, you'll need an orange, hair, an apple, cauliflower, grapes, half of a lemon, black eyed peas, dried apple cuts, jelly beans, tooth picks, chopsticks, a knife, and scissors. First cut holes onto the side of orange, the eyes and mouth. -Used black eyed peas for the eyes, a jelly bean to the mouth with scissors cut it in half, insert it for the nose. Use a red grape for the nose. Finish them off with a lemon half and cut [unk] and top it up with the green peas. And finally chopstick at the bottom. Follow the same steps to make other snack puppets. Here we made a dog using a red pear, dried apple cuts for ears, green grape, nose and the same black eyed peas for eyes. For the granny, you use the green apple, cauliflower hair, and have grapes and blacked eyed pea eyes and a jelly bean mouth. The best thing about this craft is that there's no glue and drying time plus all these fruits and vegetables are still edible.

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