How to Make Pop-up Puppets

Start with a soup can, then add felt and fabric to make this beary cute pop-up puppet.


-I'm gonna show you how to make this precious Pop-up Puppet using a can from your recycling bin. For this craft you'll need a soup can, a hammer and nail, assorted colors of felt, a 14-inch scrap of knit fabric, a rubber band, Styrofoam ball, a wood dowel, hot glue gun, double stick tape, and a black marker. Use a hammer and nail to make a hole in the bottom of your can. Use your nail to stretch out the wick of the hole to accommodate your dowel. Using your dowel, make a hole in your Styrofoam ball. Use a bit of hot glue to secure it in place. When that's dry, wrap the ball in this half circle of knit fabric. Secure with a rubber band. To conceal the rubber band, use a small scrap of the fabric and tie it. Next, insert the dowel into the hole in the bottom of the can. Use double stick tape at the top of the can; press the fabric into the double stick tape to secure in place. Use some hot glue along the top and bottom edge, a piece of brown felt, and on side to attach to your can, wrapping all the way around. Now we're gonna glue a strip of leather felt to the top of the can. To create the top of the tree's top. We've cut some grass from green felt, I'm gonna add it to the bottom of the can, and top with a layer of lighter green felt. The last step is to give this bear a face. We've got eyes, nose and ears from scraps of felt. Show your kids how to move the dowel up and down to make the bear play hide and seek. If you want, you can try another variation such as this bunny and a hat using different pieces of felt.

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