How To Make Paper Ice Cream Cone Decorations

Learn to make a paper ice cream cone decorations. Watch as Parents lifestyle director Laura Fenton shows how to make this ice cream party craft.


Nothing so summer like frozen treats. These Paper Ice Cream Cone decorations are the perfect thing for a summer ice cream party. For this craft you will need one 10-1/2 inch paper mache cone, a 6-inch Styrofoam ball, a hole-punch, fishing line, tape, tissue paper, a glue gun and hot glue sticks, a Styrofoam block, craft knife, a wood skewer and scissors. First, punch a hole on either side of the paper mache cone. Then, thread a link of fishing line through each hole and secure it with a knot. Hold it into place with a piece of tape on the inside of the cone. Next, cover a 6-inch Styrofoam ball in a sheet of tissue paper securing the paper to the bottom of the ball with hot glue. Keep folding and gluing to cover the ball. Stack 2 pieces of tissue paper and then push them into the center of the cone. It's okay if it's messy. Hot glue the paper to the cone's interior. Then, cut the piece of Styrofoam from the block to fit the opening of the cone. Use your hot glue gun to glue it into place. Push a wooden skewer into the bottom of the ball. Then, push the other end of the skewer into the Styrofoam block until the ball sits on top of the cone. Secure it with hot glue. Trim the ruffle of tissue paper protruding from the cone down to make a scoop-like shape. To finish, hang your cones from the fishing line. These cute cones will set the scene for Sunday fun. Talk about delicious décor.

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