How to Make Newspaper Medallions

These easy-to-make newspaper medallions can be made in all different sizes to decorate your party.


These newspaper medallions are so pretty, easy to make and can be used for dozens of birthday party themes. Here's what you'll need; newspaper, a stapler, tape, a pair of scissors, twist ties, streamers, a hole punch and string. Start with a single page from a newspaper folded along its existing crease. Fold a newspaper according to style until you fold it the whole piece. Staple the folded newspaper at the center. Use your scissors to round the ends of each side. Tape ends together to create a fence. Repeat with the second piece. You will need two to four fans per medallion depending on the size of the medallion you're making. Tape or staple the fence together along the seams to create a circle. For the poms-poms, cut a piece of streamer about 3 yards long. Then, fold it every 4 inches to create a folded stack. Cut the ends of each fold. Next, fringe each side cutting into the center of the paper. Secure the stacked, fringe streamers together with a twist tie. To finish, flap your poms-poms. Attach the poms-poms to the newspaper medallion using a piece of tape on the end of the twist tie. Punch a hole on the fold of the medallion using a hole puncher. Thread the string through the holes and you're done. You can create these fund medallions in a variety of sizes to decorate your parties

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