How to Make a Paper Bag Puppet

Decorate a brown paper bag with gift wrap scraps to make this adorable bird puppet.


-I'm going to show you to make this adorable bird puppet from a paper bag and upcycle gift pack supplies. For this craft, you'll need a paper lunch bag, gift wrap, or Kraft paper, tissue paper, tape, Kraft glue, 2 bottle caps, a bow, ribbon bunches and scissors. The first step is to lay your bag flat on the bottom. Fold the 2 corners of the flat up and secure with glue. Cut each triangle from orange paper, then glue and paste for the bird's beak. Then, with dome shape piece of pattern paper, start fringing the edges and glue that into place at the top of the flap. To make the bird's eyes, crumple up 2 pieces of small tissue paper and glue them in place into plastic bottle caps and then glue in place on the bird's head. Attach 2 more 2 tissue paper balls to the beak to create the bird's nostrils. Cut 6 pieces of ribbon about 1 to 2 inches long and glue in place to create the bird's belly. To finish off our bird, we have 2 bunches of store bought ribbon. You can take the either side of the bag to create the bird's wings, a little gift bow to go to the top of the bird's head. There's head feather and from Kraft paper, we just cut this little worm, do a little accordion folding and secure with tape under the bird's beak. Today, we make the bird, but you can follow the same steps at home to make us proud. The best part about this craft is you can turn to any material for inspiration.

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