How to Make a Dragon Marionette

Kids can craft this dragon puppet from recycled carboard paper towel and toilet paper tubes.


We made this fire breathing dragon marionette using cardboard tubes. And you can craft one at home using these simple steps. For this craft you'll need two paper towel tubes, two toilet paper tubes, green, orange and red color paint, a foam brush, googly eyes, green yard, two 18-inch long sticks, a hole punch, hot glue, scissors and a dragon template available at The first step is to paint two paper towel tubes and one toilet paper tube green. The next step is to paint one toilet paper tube orange then add some red streaks for flames. From one of the paper towel tubes, cut four 1-inch pieces for the tail segments. The remainder will be for the dragon's body. To make the wings, wrap the template around a paper towel tube. Trace and cut out. Using your templates and the remainder of the paper towel tubes, create the tail and the feet. From the green painted toilet paper tube, cut away a small part of the end, leave a top, and glue on googly eyes. Cut flame shapes from your orange and red painted tube. Now, for the hole punching, start, put the dragon's [unk] and one at the top of his head for the string to go through and one at the bottom. Punch holes for his legs and feet. Two at the front of his body and two at the back of his body. For its tail segments, one for the back, one for the front. Punch one hole in each of the feet at the center, and finally punch two holes in the tail. Thread a link of yarn through the holes to connect the pieces. Start at the head and work your way back to the tail. Thread two 8-inch pieces of yarn through the holes of the body, then through the feet and now at the bottom. Tie each end of the yarn to an 18-inch long stick. Then with your second stick, make a cross in the center, tie with a small piece of yarn. With hot glue, secure the dragons once together. Let dry, and secure with hot glue on the dragon's back. Use hot glue to attach the flames inside the dragon's mouth. Once he's assembled, have your kids make the princess, and use the sticks to control the movements.

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