How to Make a Baby-Handprint Napkin

Stamp your baby's handprint on napkins for an extra special touch to tableware.


-What better way to decorate for your baby's first birthday party than to use the iconic image of his or her handprint. I'm gonna show you how to use the handprint to make cute little napkins. For this project, you'll need paper napkins, craft foam, cardboard, a pencil, glue, scissors, a date stamp and letter stamps, and stays-on ink pads. The first thing you need to do is make a stamp of your baby's handprint. So, trace your baby's hand on to the craft foam. But if you can't keep your baby still for this, you can definitely just scan his or her hand on your scanner then cut it out and trace it on to the craft foam. Cut out the foam hand and glue it on a piece of cardboard like this to make your stamp. Dab the hand stamp on to the ink pad and sure you fully cover the hand and then stamp it on to the first napkin. You just wanna go ahead and repeat the step for all the napkins you plan to make for the party. Underneath the hand, stamp your baby's name. If the name is too long, you can always just go with initials. The last step is to set your date stamp to the date of your child's first birthday and just stamp it right below the letters of the name or initials. Make sure to save one of these napkins for your baby's scrapbook.

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