Funny Farm Bird Egg

Looking for a way to use your extra Easter eggs? Your kids will love making this fun feathered friend!


-Hi. My name is Eva. Thanks so much for joining me today. We're gonna be making a purple bird egg. In order to make this project, you will need these materials. Scissors, purple felt, a blown-out egg, a template which is available for download at, a black marker, and Tacky glue. To begin our purple bird egg, you will need to start first with your purple felt," scissors, and your template. We're going to start with the tail. This is a 2-part process. So first, we're going to start with the largest piece and carefully you're going to cut around your template. And your second piece, we're going to trim this first part down to make our second part for the tail and we're gonna place it back on the felt and carefully cut around it again. Now that you have your tail complete, we're going to start on the wings. And once again, we're just going to place it on our felt and go carefully around it. It's okay if your pieces come out a little bit different. You can always trace on to your felt, but I find it more unique when they have different sizes. Now that you have your wings and tail complete, you're just gonna add a little bit of a fringe by taking the larger side of your wing and just clipping some little snips into it and the same with the small part of your tail and the large part of the tail. Okay, now that we have that complete, what I'm going to do is I'm gonna glue my 2 parts of the tail together. So, I'm just gonna lay the smaller one on top of it. Take some Tacky glue and just add a little bit of glue to the back of your small part of the tail and lay it where you like it on top of the large one. Okay, we're gonna set that aside to dry for a moment. Now, we're going to take our egg and apply the 2 wings. Now, you can choose where you want these to go. They can lay on their side. They can be up in the air. I think I want mine just a little bit up so she looks like she's tucking her wings back and we're gonna add little bit of Tacky glue. A little bit goes a long way and just place your wings on each side. Now, you can also use a ceramic egg if you don't wanna worry about bluing out an egg. And you can usually purchase those at your local craft stores. Now, we're gonna add our tail. So, where you blue out your leg just in case you did blue it out, you're going to just cover that little hole with the tail, but otherwise, if you're using a ceramic egg, you wanna place it on the larger part of the leg, the base. After you've completed assembling the body, we're going to add the beak. Now, you can make the beak any color you want, but today we just wanna flow with the color and keep it the same purple felt. So, I'm just gonna trim a little beak out. You can guess how you wanna do it. You can make a perfect triangle. You can make it big, small. I'm just kinda guessing here and I'm making my cute little triangle. And before I place the beak on so I don't have to work around it, I'm gonna put my 2 eyes where I like them. So, the eyes are going to go on the top. One and two. You can add wiggly eyes or anything you like, but I'm just using a regular marker and we're going to glue our beak on now. And there you have your adorable purple bird egg.

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