Fun Fall Crafts for Kids

Celebrate the arrival of autumn with these fun seasonal projects.

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Mod Garlands

Fun Fall Crafts for Kids Girl Hanging Thanksgiving GARLAND
Ryan Liebe

String these cheerful strands from cabinets, the buffet, the walls, or even down the table.

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Paper Pumpkins

These simple pumpkins inspired by paper-chain dolls let kids create a string of festive faces. For the small trio shown here, download our template, below. Accordion-fold an 18- by 5-inch piece of orange paper (tape two pieces together, if needed) into six 3-inch sections. Using the template, cut out the shape. For symmetrical features, cut them from a sheet of black paper folded in half. Attach them with a glue stick.

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Autumn Art

Autumn Art
Photo by Aaron Dyer, Idea by Jean Van't Hul of

Use beautiful fall leaves as canvases for doodle designs. Press colorful finds inside a heavy book for about 10 days, then draw on them with metallic paint markers. To add a bit more strength and shine, seal the finished leaves with Mod Podge.

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Crafts for Kids: Cozy Critters

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Swab Skeletons

Swab Skeletons
Photo by Laura Johansen, Idea by Kimberly Stoney

Make no bones about it: this is a spellbinding Halloween party craft! Cover a work area with plastic wrap, then set out cotton swabs, cotton balls, black paper, and glue. Using plenty of glue, your guests can build skeletons from the swabs, cutting them into different lengths as needed, then attach cotton ball skulls and black paper faces. When the glue is dry, the skeletons can be hung up with thread.

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Give a Hoot

Give A Hoot Paper Owl Craft
Photo by Laura Johansen, Idea by Natasha Collins

This statuesque owl was hatched from humble origins--namely, a cardboard tube and paper cupcake liners--so you don't need to be talon-ted to make one!

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Make an Apple Cozy

Apple Cozy
Photo by Ed Judice, Idea By Tova Opatrny

It can be a bruising ride to school in a kid's lunch box. Protect fruit from dirt and dings with a fleece pouch.

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Fun With Leaves

autumn crown
Photo by Laura Johansen

Encourage your family to take a fresh look at nature by making an ecofriendly art project, like this adorable autumn crown or an outdoor leaf sculpture.

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Acorn Squirrel

Acorn Squirrel Craft
Alexandra Grablewski

The mighty oak may grow from a single acorn, but for this cute craft project, you'll need two.

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