Egg Carton Sea Creatures

Turn an empty egg carton into a fabulous family of underwater creatures.


-Hi. My name is Eva. And today, we are making egg carton sea creatures. To begin, you will need these supplies: Egg carton, paints of your choice, paint brush, glitter glue, googly eyes, scissors, and tacky glue. Today, we're making a clam sea creature, but we'll show you different variations later. First, what we're going to do is paint the two side cartons that are across from each other. We're just going to add a coat of paint. Now that you've let it dry, we're going to cut our two clam sides out, but make sure you start and just go around the edges. If your child is a little bit older, they might be able to do this. If they're kind of young, you might need to help them. Now that you've got them all cut out, we're going to add some decorations to them and you can add more paint to them or you can add a little bit of glitter glue. I'm just gonna draw some little design lines going down the side and then last, we're gonna give them some googly eyes so we feel like he's really alive. And there you have your cute little clam creature. Now here are some other variations you can do to add to your sea creature collection. You can make a crab by just adding paperclips and googly eyes or how about a little jellyfish with some tissue paper and googly eyes?

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