Easy Pipe Cleaner Pals

Turn everyday craft materials -- drinking straws, pipe cleaners, and beads -- into these adorable bendy buddies.

Construct these acrobatic friends, then pose them any way you like.

pipe cleaners
Photograph by Doug Merriam

1. For each, twist three pipe cleaners together at their centers and bend as shown at right.

2. To form the body, thread three pony beads onto both leg stems.

3. Cut eight 1-inch lengths of plastic straw. Thread two onto each arm and bend the excess pipe cleaner into a hand: a big loop with a smaller thumb loop.

creating Bendy Buddies
Photograph by Doug Merriam

4. Thread two straw lengths, with a pony bead between, onto each leg. Bend the excess pipe cleaner into a loop for a foot.

5. Thread a wooden bead onto the remaining two pipe cleaners. Form the excess pipe cleaner into a hairdo. Trim any extra with scissors.

6. Add a face with markers.

Originally published in the April 2013 issue of FamilyFun.

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