Doily Lace Votives

These candleholders are so lovely, people will never believe that theyre handmade -- and by a kid, no less


Hi, my name is Eva and I'm going to be teaching you beautiful lace votives. In order to make this project, you'll need these materials: Color tissue paper, kitchen tongs, food coloring, paper doilies, straight-sided glass votive holders, water, paintbrush, craft glue, scissors, and paper towels. To begin our lace votives, first we are going to start with our tissue paper. Now, your child can pick out any color they want even a few different colors and today I'm going to start with my yellow tissue paper. So this needs to be half an inch taller than your votive and about an inch longer to wrap around, so you can just kind of place it, you can always trim it down later, and what you're going to do now is take your craft glue and you're going to put some into your water. Once you have it pretty water down, you're just going to take it and apply it to the side of your votive. I'm just doing half of it to start so I can start rolling it here, and then as I go, I'm going to keep adding more glue to it. If you wanna continue to wrap you can, but the more you wrap, the less you're gonna see the light through it so I'm just gonna add a little bit more, and I'm just going to trim it down. Now, you're going to start with your doily. So, we're going to take some water and some food coloring. Any color that the kids want, it doesn't matter. This is a lot of fun and we're going to take-- I'm going to do about 10. If you have about 2 cups of water, you can put in 20. I have about 1 cup of water here so I'm just gonna put in about 10 drops of food coloring. And you can just recycle that paintbrush and spin it around. We are going to take our doily and you can start with your fingers and as it starts to creep up there, we're going to switch over to our tongs and the kids have a lot of fun watching it change color and you can even use this as a lesson and teach your children how to mix colors like taking your blue and your yellow to make green or blue and red to make purple. It's kind of like a little science experiment. And now we're just going to let it sit and you can leave it in there from 2 minutes to 5 minutes, it's up to you. The longer you let it sit, the more absorbs. Now that your doily is dry and so is your votive, you're going to take your votive and just trim it and make sure the tissue paper sits nice and flash with it. Now any areas that may be pulled the tissue paper way, don't worry you can cover it with your doily, so now you wanna ask your child what part of the lace that they would like to use. So for me, I'm just going to cut a little bit of this lace here, all right. And you're going to go back to your water down glue and we're just going to apply a little bit at a time and I'm just going to paint it where I want to put my doily. And now you can add some glue to make a special shine to the outside like a locker and just code it with some Tacky glue directly onto it. Let it dry, put a candle inside, put it in any window, and I promise you it will be so gorgeous and there you have your lace votive.

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