10 Craft Ideas for Teens They'll Want to Share on TikTok

Have a bored teenager at home? Try any one (or five) of these fun DIY projects and craft kits to keep them occupied.

raindrop cake
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With teens quarantined and no way to hang out with friends, finding non-stressful ways they can unwind becomes a basic necessity. Enter this round-up of DIY projects and cool craft kits that will help your teen or tween tap into their creative side—and give them something fun to share with their TikTok followers if they're into that sort of thing.

Take a Knitting Tutorial

Even if you don't knit and can't teach them, your teen can take up this hobby (perfect for developing concentration and patience) with tutorials on YouTube. Or order up a starter kit from We Are Knitters, which includes all the necessary materials and written and online "homeschool" support with videos. Best of all, they'll finish up with a wearable scarf or even a new spring knit shirt once they get the rhythm of it.

Make a Mini Projector

All you really need for this DIY teen project is a box, a magnifying glass, and a phone. They definitely have the latter, and once they find the other items, they'll be able to create a smart phone projector to watch movies, shows, or video games blown up on their wall (no expensive flat screen required).

Bake a #Trending Dessert

Not all crafting endeavors have to be done at a desk. Edible crafts fulfill both the desire for DIY and the need to feed always hungry teens with self made treats. YAY! For teens who follow food trends on Instagram, cool molecular gastronomy edible projects are already on their radar, and the transparent Raindrop Cake has likely made an appearance in their feed. They can make the magical dessert themselves with a kit delivered to their doorstep from Goldbelly. (Pictured above!)

For a more DIY take on cake craft, all you need is a boxed white cake mix and some food coloring, and some time (which we all have in abundance) and patience; then have them check out the recipes for McCormick's festive unicorn poke cake and colorful tie-dye cake recipe that would be easy for teens to create, and colorful/cool enough for them post online.

Brew a Batch of Kombucha

Not a baker? Not a problem. Try a longer "brewing" craft: Kombucha making. Kombucha is a fermented (nonalcoholic) tea that has billions of probiotics and immune benefits, but for teens, the hook is the mix of science experiment meets creative flavor factory, since they have to control the fermentation over a 2-week period (perfect when you're stuck at home) and can control the add-ins for variety. Kombucha Kamp makes a delivered-to-your-door beginner kit to try out.

Bead Some New Jewelry

Your teens may already have some go-to options for woven bracelets, but for an easy craft project for teens that gives back, try this beading kit with a sophisticated twist: bead kits from Akola comprised of hand rolled Karatasi beads from Uganda. There's plenty of materials to make gifts for much missed friends, and proceeds from the kits go to supporting local communities in Uganda, so it's a win/win/win.

For another variation on shareable jewelry try hand-stamp lettering. For this one, teens can create their own messages: maybe "love" or "trust" or even "help" (whatever gets them through is good with us).

Make a Family Tree

Ancestry, in partnership with the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, is now offering free access to search their database of nearly 500 million records and images. This includes ship passenger lists, naturalization and citizenship records, and key military collections including WWI and WWII draft cards—everything they need to get to the roots of the family tree.

Start a Gratitude Journal

Teens have a lot to deal with right now, and gratitude journaling may help them to see the good in their current quarantined state (ie, more sleep, less homework, extra time to master Mario Sword and Shield {and with you}) and remain positive. All you need for this easy "craft" are a notebook and pens.

Become a Disney Imagineer

Amp up their creativity with a free, behind the scenes tutorial from Disney with Kahn Academy to learn how rides and parks are created using a combination of engineering and imagination, and then let their ingenuity take hold while they create virtual worlds to escape to now (and maybe create for real in a future endeavor).

Recycle Trash Into Crafts

Since we can't get out of the house right now, and many parents are watching budgets, it's a perfect time for teen DIY crafts. Piles of magazines you're done reading? Recycle them into magazine boxes created from rolled pages, that can decorate their desks. Or clean up all the old yarn or twine in your home and have them transform it into a cool macramé wall hanging.

Craft "Upcycled" Clothes

And just because they can't get out to shop, doesn't mean spring and summer style updates can't happen. DIY a new wardrobe with these cool ideas to "upcycle" clothes you already have. Or bling out with easy to apply Swarovski crystal "Create Your Style" kits. They retail for under $10, but will make everything from a cellphone case to a pair of sneakers shimmer like a million bucks. (Extra points, though, if you have an old Bedazzler that you can show your teen).

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