Clothespin Giraffe

This lovable giraffe can stand up all on its own thanks to sturdy clothespin legs.


-Hi, my name is Eva and today we're making clothespin giraffe. In order to make this project, you will need these materials: Paint brushes, scissors, yellow pompoms, yellow paint, brown paint, black paint, yellow card stock, 3 clothespins, and brown pipe cleaner. To begin our clothespin giraffe, we're going to start with the body. So, what you're going to do is take your yellow card stock and just cut an oval shape out of it. You can trace something if you want, but I'm just gonna guess here, and here comes the fun part. Let your child take their finger and dip it into the brown paint to make all your little brown spots on your giraffe. You can use all the fingers, 1 finger, it doesn't matter, but I'm just gonna take my little finger here and just add some little dots to it. And we're going to set it aside to let it dry, so that later you can put it over and do your other side. I've already painted a body. So, it's all dry an ready to go. So, next, what we're going to do is paint the legs of giraffe. Now, if your yellow turns out a little bit different than the yellow paint you're using, feel free to paint your card stock to 4, maybe the same color yellow paint, but you don't have to. Today, I'm not going to. I like that; it's a little bit different. So, you just take some paint on a paint brush, and we're going to put it on. The heavier you do it, the better, less time. It needs to be painted the second time, but you always can go back and add a second layer to make it extra thick and because this is a clothespin, you can stand it up to let it dry. Now, once it's dry, you're gonna add more brown spots to the lets. So, I'm just gonna take my finger again, and add some brown spots. You can do this on both sides, and we need our little hooves. So, what I'm gonna do is just take a little bit of black and paint the very bottom where these little feet would go. After you've done this to both legs, you're actually gonna do your neck the same way. So, you're going to have 3 clothespins total that are going to be painted. Once they're all dry, you're going to start assembling your giraffe. So, what you're going to do is clip 2 of these to the body, add the legs and you have your little hooves having off the bottom, and this will allow them to stand. I just wanna set them up right where they start to balance. And now, we're going to add the neck. Next, to complete the neck, we need a head, so I'm gonna grab one my yellow pompom, and you can just stuff it right down inside and you're always welcome to use glue to make it stay, but it stays pretty well for me. Now, we're going to make the main. So, what we're going to do is take some pipe cleaner, fold it in half and I'm just going to trim this down a little bit by sniffing off of the ends, and I'm going to tuck it right into the little hole of the clothespin so it stays nice and sturdy, and then I'm just fold it up along its neck and you can always bend it down. You can use the ends as his little horns. Even just make it look like a little fuzzy main and tuck it right and behind it and there you have your cute little clothespin giraffe.

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