Can Pencil Holder

Sort office supplies in style with this neat desk organizer.


-Hi, my name is Eva, and today we're making and aluminum can pencil holder. In order to make this project, you will need 3 aluminum cans, a sponge brush, crayons, 2 colors of metal paint, colored rubber bands, 2 small binder clips, and tags. Now to begin our aluminum pencil holder, we're going to start with painting our cans. So, you're going to drip your brush and any of the colors that you chose and this is a lot of fun like you kids pick out their favorite colors and we're going to decorate these cans maybe for a special present for any time, but today we're making them special for dad, for father's day. So, I'm gonna start first with red and this is a nice pain. It's a no prep and it sticks to the metal, so just make sure that you don't buy any type of paints or it won't stick, so-- Now, while your child is painting this, you can be wearing a rubber glove with your hand inside to keep your hands safe, so it's a little mess free. Now, that you're done doing your first layer of paint. You're going to set it aside to let it dry and then you can add more layers later. We're going to finish painting the rest of our cans. So, now that our 3 cans are done and dry, we're going start decorating with our rubber bands. Now, you can crisscross you rubber bands to give more of abstract vibe or you can follow the grooves of the can to make them nice and straight. It's up to you. So, have fun and get started. Now, the more that your child wants to layer on, that will be great because the more the better I think. It just adds more color to it and more of a style. So, you can add as many layers as you want. Once you have your cans wrapped with rubber bands, you're going to start making your little tags to hang on the front. This is a lot of fun because your kids get a spell out anything that they want for the front of the cans, but today again, we're going this for dad. So, I'm gonna take my 3 tags. You can purchase these tags at any office supply store or you can make your own tags, which is I like to do because it's a lot of fun, and we're going to start writing our letters. So, we are going to write. Let's see, D-A-D and they can decorate with stickers or anything else on their little tags that they want to. We can make them bigger or smaller. It doesn't matter and you can use crayons or markers of your choice. Now, what we're going to do is string them around our cans. So, I'm gonna bring one of my cans back and I'm going to take a rubber band and you're going to pass it through the hole of your tag and then you're going to go through your rubber band and this allows it to have a little knot so it won't fall off and then you wrap it around your can, and there you have your first little tag just like that. Now, we are going to follow up with the rest of them. Now that we have our tags on our cans, we're gonna hold them together using little small binder clips and you can get this at your local office supply store and we're just going to clip them on and once those are on, we need to fill it with some supplies. So, we got our markers and scissors and of course pencils and there you have your aluminum can pencil holder.

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