Camp Mom

Octopus Cupcakes

A sweet, ocean-themed cupcake that's perfect for a child's birthday party for kids.

Kid Craft: Cute Paper Animal Heads

Directions for making adorable painted animal heads from paper and pom-poms.

School-of-Fish Snack

A cute, after-school or classroom snack for kids.

Surf's Up Shirt

How to make a homemade, iron-on surf-print tee shirt.

Crafts for Kids: Mama and Papa Fox

Learn how to make dapper felt and styrofoam foxes in only a few minutes. This fun fall craft is sure to keep your kids entertained and add flair to your living room.

Crafts for Kids: Cozy Critters

If your munchkins are looking for a new stuffed buddy, create a cozy fall critter with these easy instructions.

Crafts for Kids: Darling Dishes

Store your odds and ends easily with these darling DIY dishes made of felt.

Decorating Technique: Freezer-Paper Stencil

Directions for decorating a child's cape with a stencil.

Decorating Technique: Make and Iron-on Design

Directions for decorating a child's cape with an iron-on design.