Baby Bird Nest

Bring the outdoors inside by creating a cozy new home for these adorable pom-pom birds.


-Hi, my name is Eva and thanks so much for crafting with me. Today, we're making a baby birds nest. So, in order to make this project, you need these materials: Scissors, shredded brown paper, a stapler, orange paper, paint brush, paper plate, popsicle sticks, some googly eyes, brown paint, pompoms, and tacky glue. To begin our baby bird's nest, first we need our paper plate. What we're gonna do is cut it in half. You can use a ruler of if you like. I'm just going to eyeball it. Now, once you've cut your paper plate in half, you're going to paint each side on the back. So, I've got my brown paint and a paint brush and I'm just going to paint. Once you've painted 1/2 of your paper plate, you're to repeat on the other half. Then, we're going to stick them together and do about 5 staples all the way across, and I have one already done. So, after I painted it, I did about 5 staples and it's okay if you have more than that. That's okay, and then you can paint over your staples once they're on. In that way, it kind of covers up the metal. Once you've painted over your staples and let it dry, we're going to add shredded brown paper, and the best way to do this is we're only doing it on one side, so you just take a lot of glue and this is going to be become the nest. So, this is a lot of fun and it's okay of you get gluey. We're just gonna press all our papers down and the ones that get stuck will stay and then other ones will just follow up, so all I do is give it a nice little shake. Now, you can use recycled brown paper, brown paper bags, and you can also purchase the ones that are used for gift stuffing. So, we're just using some recycled brown paper bags and there is our cute little nest. I'm gonna set this one to the side and now we're going to start our little babies, our little bird babies. Okay, so we take each pompom, and we're going to add a little face with the beak and 2 eyes. So, you can get silly, you can buy special wiggly eyes that come in colors or just black and white. You can even cut them out of paper and put a little eyeball on there, but today we're using this really pretty wiggly eyes. So, I'm just gonna take little bit of glue, not too much and add 2 dots for the eyes, and you can mix up the eyeballs. You can do a big eyeball and a little eyeballs that's kind of funny and you can stick them wherever you like, far apart, close together. So, now we're gonna cut out our little baby bird beaks, and all you're gonna is take your orange paper and cut out 3 triangles and we're going use our Tacky glue and glue them on right under our eyes and the next step is going to be gluing them on to the ends of large popsicle sticks. So, can paint your popsicle stick if you want, but I'm actually just gonna keep mine this color, and we're just gonna put some glue on the edge of the stick. Now, that have dried, you can put your little popsicle sticks inside their nest, so the little birds have somewhere to sleep tonight and we're just gong to tuck them in and what I like to do so they stay in play is you can either glue them and let it dry or you can just push them in between the little staples and there you have your cute little baby bird's nest.

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