Arts & Crafts

Give your child a chance to embrace his artistic side. Try these great arts and crafts ideas: Whether it's learning a new handcraft like crochet or getting messy with paints, your creative kid will love exploring the many ways to express himself.

Chenille Stem Craft Ideas

Your kids will adore twisting and bending brightly colored chenille stems into these fun and easy craft projects.

Yarn Crafts Kids Can Make

You'll have a ball this summer when you spend an afternoon creating these simple yarn crafts with your kids.

5 Crafts Kids Can Make for a Good Cause

Parents magazine worked with charities across the country to create projects that help kids and animals in need, all while teaching your own children the spirit of giving.

Use Your Noodle: 6 Crafts to Make with Pasta

Looking for a creative craft idea? Show your good taste with painted pasta.

Easter Crafts, Food, and Fun

Calling all cottontails! Get a jump on Easter fun with these adorable crafts, treats, and egg-decorating ideas.

Dyeing Easter Eggs With Kids: 7 Crafty Designs

From ombre to polka dots, make wow-worthy Easter eggs this year with our clever (and easy!) egg dyeing techniques.

10 Best Photo Apps for Moms

With all of the amazing photo apps available, there's simply no excuse not to be snapping away at your kid multiple times a day. The only hitch is deciding which apps are the best, and easiest, to use. Download any of these 10 mom-approved photo apps for your iPhone, iPad, or Android device to instantly feel like a professional photographer.

Spectacular Summer Craft Ideas for Kids

Fun indoor and outdoor activities for stretching out summer.

Make Your Own Developmental Baby Toys

Homemade toys, as seen on the American Baby TV Show.

How to Make a Dragon Marionette

Kids can craft this dragon puppet from recycled carboard paper towel and toilet paper tubes.

Darling Dove

Instructions for making a dove Christmas ornament using felt.

Snowy Wonderland

Instructions for making a Christmas tree ornament using miniatures.

6 Sun Crafts for Kids

During the summer months, these activities blend science with art, keeping summer brains sharp. From using the sun to tell time to observing its powerful heat, your child will learn about the sun through these exciting activities. Note: Always offer adult assistance when using a hot-glue gun and a cheese grater.

Fun Winter Kids' Crafts

Don't let cold weather stop you from having some creative, crafty fun! Check out these fun, easy activities kids will love.

Easy Pipe Cleaner Pals

Turn everyday craft materials -- drinking straws, pipe cleaners, and beads -- into these adorable bendy buddies.

How to Dress for Family Photos

Family photos live on for decades, so you want to make sure your crew looks dressed to impressed. Here are some tips to get your group camera-ready.

Create Gifts Out of Your Kids' Artwork

With just a few simple steps, you can help your kids transform their favorite artwork into sweet keepsake presents that relatives, teachers, and friends will absolutely love.

Fun and Festive Holiday Decorations with Washi Tape

Pressed for time? Grab some rolls of washi tape for the easiest decorations ever.

FamilyFun Printables

Use this handy index to find links to printable templates as featured in FamilyFun publications.

Jewelry Kids Can Make

Help your kiddos make their own brooches, rings, and necklaces from wood, fabric, and other household materials. No precious gems required!

Martha Stewart's Crafts for Kids: Pipe Cleaner Pals How-To

Turn colorful pipe cleaners into small, fuzzy forest and jungle animals.

Explorer's Bag

With this tote made from a mesh produce bag, kids can collect nature finds while letting sand and dirt filter away.

Can Pencil Holder

Sort office supplies in style with this neat desk organizer.

How to Make an Angel Christmas Ornament

Learn how to make a heavenly angel Christmas ornament.

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