7 Easy, No-Knit Yarn Crafts

Three simple no-knit techniques are all it takes for you and your kids to create these sweet yarn crafts—perfect to give, and even better to receive.

Graphic Design No-Knit Craft
Photo: Tara Donne
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The No-Knit Technique: Tube Knitting

Make a Loom Weaver
Tara Donne

How to make your tube knitter: (You'll need this to create the following two crafts – Soft Strands & Fuzzy Friends)

Wrap two rubber bands, each doubled over once, a few inches apart around a toilet-paper tube. Secure 6 ice-pop sticks, evenly spaced, underneath rubber bands. Leave about 3⁄4 inch of stick above top of tube. Tape sticks to tube, using decorative washi tape. Remove rubber bands.

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Tube Knitting: Soft Strands

Soft Strand No-Knit Craft
Tara Donne

Soft Strands: These pretty striped necklaces come together with just your tube knitter and yarn—no needles required!

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Tube Knitting: Fuzzy Friends

Fuzzy Friend No-Knit Crafts
Tara Donne

Have your child tube-knit an entire zoo of puppets to outfit every one of his fingers. Or turn these cuddly cuties into stuffed ornaments, adding wildlife to a loved one's tree.

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The No-Knit Trick: Loom Weaving

A Touch of Fringe No-Knit Craft
Tara Donne

To make a cardboard loom, take a piece of rectangular cardboard and fold the shorter ends back 1⁄2 inch. Cut evenly spaced 1⁄2-inch vertical slits into the folded ends, leaving 3⁄8 inch between each slit.

A Touch of Fringe: Your kid can craft a woven wall hanging to rival the wildly elaborate ones that are all over Pinterest. It's a homemade gift that's right on trend.

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Loom Weaving: Yarn Bookmarks

One for the Book No-Knit Yarn Bookmark
Tara Donne

They'll never lose their place with these loom-woven gifts that will bring warm thoughts every time the recipients crack open a book.

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The No-Kit Trick: Stitching

The No-Kit Trick: Stitching
Tara Donne

Impress Grandma and Grandpa with a hand-stitched card they'll want to display long after the holidays are over. These techniques are simple enough for tiny fingers to help out.

Cross My Frame: Attach an image to the center of a card using double-stick tape. Create two rows of holes around the picture with a 1⁄8-inch hole punch. For a folded card, use a screw punch (Martha Stewart Crafts, $25; Amazon). Thread yarn on a plastic needle, then pull through the hole on the upper left-hand corner diagonally across to the hole on the lower right-hand corner. Make diagonal stitches in the same direction around the card once, then tie off. Start a new thread and repeat process in the opposite direction to create X's.

Border Line: Attach an image to the center of a paper card using double-stick tape. Punch one row of holes around the picture with a 1⁄8-inch hole punch, then thread a plastic needle with yarn. Pull needle up through the upper left hole, then down through the hole directly underneath it. Continue around the entire photo, then tie off.

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Stitching: Yarn Graphics

Graphic Design No-Knit Craft
Tara Donne

To make the snowflake, download and print the snowflake pattern. Tape the template to the card using washi tape, then with a screw punch make holes through both template and paper. Remove the template, but don't discard it. Thread a plastic needle with yarn and follow the directional arrows on the template. Use the same over-under technique from the template to spell out words. Repeat the process with a different-colored yarn, if desired.

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