5-Minute Crafts for Kids That Create Hours of Entertainment

Don't have a ton of time to be the crafty parent? Spend less time crafting and more time playing with these fun and fast projects for toddlers and preschoolers.

young girl holding purple jar of glitter
Photo: Priscilla Gragg

Kids are safer at home right now, but they might be finding it tough to fill time that would otherwise be spent heading to playdates or extracurriculars. If you're looking for fun crafts to do when your kid says they're bored, look no further. These quick, 5-minute crafts can be done at home in a pinch without much prep and using easy to find supplies you likely already have on hand.

1. DIY Calming Glitter Jar

Creating a soothing glitter jar (pictured above!) can be quick, easy, and leave you with an eye-catching result. Check out our easy tutorial for making one, plus why glitter jars are a great craft for toddlers in particular.

2. Paper Towel Tube Flower Stamps

A perfect, springtime-themed, 5-minute craft from CMOM, this springtime flower stamp can be used to make a colorful garden painting. The museum site notes that the three-dimensional craft helps children learn to problem-solve and reason as they practice hand-eye coordination while cutting, pasting, and experimenting.

3. Magical Surprise Slime

Kids 3 and older can easily pull together CMOM's two-ingredient slime, which can dazzle with the addition of glitter or smell like a child's favorite essential oils.

4. Monster Mouth Envelopes

Kids aged 2-8 will love this quick activity from KiwiCo that requires just paper and markers. They can use these envelopes resembling monster mouths to strike up a pen pal relationship with a friend—a wonderful activity for remaining physically distanced but socially close.

5. Play-Doh Stamps

Just when you thought play dough couldn't get any more fun, enter this cute craft! KiwiCo suggests making a stamp from a golf-ball sized amount of play dough, squeeze a bit of paint on a folded paper towel, and let kids get in touch with their inner artist.

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