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Give your child a chance to embrace his artistic side. Try these great arts and crafts ideas: Whether it's learning a new handcraft like crochet or getting messy with paints, your creative kid will love exploring the many ways to express himself.

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10 Family Photo Ideas to That Are Easy as They Are Fun

Don’t equate fun with getting your whole family ready for a pricey, time-consuming, stressful photoshoot? Of course not. Hiring a photographer, buying matching outfits (?), and making sure no one gets dirty, sneezy, sleepy, or in your infants’ case, poopy is daunting enough to make any parent shutter. But family photo shoots can be simple, even down-right enjoyable. These ideas are as unique as your family—and you don’t need to be a pro photographer, tech genius, or high fashion model to pull them off.
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6 Kid-Friendly Cricut Projects for a Winter Crafternoon

Put down the scissors and hit print to create one of these easy Cricut projects that put the magical paper cutter to work instead of little fingers.
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I'm a Mom and a Photographer: Here's How to Take the Best Photos of Your Kids

Capturing beautiful family moments is easier than ever before. Photographer Erin Brooks shares her tips to take the best photos of your children.
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Newborn Photo Shoots: Safety Do's & Don'ts Every Parent Should Know

Photos of sleepy newborns with whimsical backdrops are all over social media, but experts warn parents not to attempt these set-ups at home. Here's what you need to know to keep your L.O. safe during a newborn photo shoot.
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How to Tie-Dye Shirts 10 Ways

Follow these DIY tie-dye instructions for groovy swirls, stripes, polka dots, and more patterns.  
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How to Make Crystal Geode Eggs

Grow way-cool crystal geodes with just a few household basics.
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4 Crafts for National Hispanic Heritage Month

Spark your kid’s creativity with these DIY projects inspired by artistic traditions across Latin America.