50 Ways to Be a Kinder Family

Let's create a kinder world. Take a week, a month, or a year. Have fun and complete as many acts of kindness as you can.

Family Kindness Challenge Children on Parents Back
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  1. Smile at 25 people.
  2. Take a treat to your local firefighters.
  3. Do a household chore without being asked.
  4. Donate something to an animal shelter.
  5. Take a board game to play at a senior center.
  6. Read a book to a younger child.
  7. Make a thank-you card for your librarians.
  8. Entertain someone with a happy dance.
  9. Create a family gratitude jar.
  10. Cheer for every player on both teams.
  11. Deliver a special gift to a child in the hospital.
  12. Make a new friend or welcome a new neighbor.
  13. Send a card or gift to a military family.
  14. Walk or pet an animal— but ask first!
  15. Go a full day without complaining.
  16. Hold the door open for someone.
  17. Learn to say “thank you” in a new language.
  18. Embrace your family with a big hug.
  19. Teach something to a younger sibling or friend.
  20. Write or draw a loving note for someone.
  21. Make and display a “kindness matters” sign.
  22. Raise funds and donate to your favorite cause.
  23. Watch the sunrise or sunset together.
  24. Breathe, stretch, and think a happy thought.
  25. Cut out ten hearts and leave them on ten cars.
  26. Donate needed school supplies.
  27. Thank a bus driver.
  28. Leave a flower on someone’s doorstep.
  29. Be kind to yourself and eat a healthy snack.
  30. Call your grandparents or an esteemed elder.
  31. Walk or bike instead of driving.
  32. Say “thank you” to a police officer.
  33. Bake cookies and share with your neighbors.
  34. Say “good morning” to five people.
  35. Pick up and recycle trash in your neighborhood.
  36. Take a family walk outside.
  37. Draw a heart in the sand or dirt.
  38. Write a thank-you note to your mail carrier.
  39. Make a wish for a child in another country.
  40. Volunteer in your community.
  41. Say “hi” to someone who looks sad.
  42. Write a happy message with sidewalk chalk.
  43. Paint a kindness rock and randomly place it.
  44. Share food with someone who is hungry.
  45. Sincerely compliment five people.
  46. Post a positive message on social media.
  47. Let someone go ahead of you in line.
  48. Help plant a garden.
  49. Reflect on acts of kindness you witnessed today.
  50. Create your own kind deed.
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