On Sunday, August 5, Maze Craze in Columbiana County took to Facebook to share an amazing aerial shot of their new Peter Pan-themed maze. Last year, they did a Beauty & the Beast maze.

By Maressa Brown
August 08, 2018
maze craze
Credit: Maze Craze

Summer fun is still in full swing, which means this weekend, you may very well have plans to take the kids to the pool or the beach, chill on pool floaties, and sip rosé. Nonetheless, fans of fall will be psyched to see hints of the season popping up all over the country, like a corn maze in Ohio that's gone viral, because it's just that cool.

On Sunday, August 5, Mike and Cindy Bacon, the masterminds behind Maze Craze in Columbiana County, took to Facebook to share a photo of this year's Peter Pan-themed maze, which opens on September 14. The caption: "GET LOST IN NEVER NEVER LAND....NEVER GROW UP!!" The photo quickly wracked up nearly 1K comments and almost 4K shares. 


This isn't the first time that the Bacons have paid tribute to a Disney classic. Last year, the maze's theme was Beauty & the Beast.


According to Maze Craze’s website, the Bacons plant corn, and then a company called MazePlay designs and cuts the maze. For anyone who's concerned that they may get lost, the maze has "corn cops" installed throughout who will help anyone who's waving the white flag. There are also exits throughout the different mazes that will lead you the perimeter of the cornfield, and you can follow the signs to reach the courtyard, according to the website.

"Our interactive corn mazes have been delighting both young and old for the past several years," Cindy tells Parents.com. "Guests are intrigued with finding their way out of specific parts of the maze each year."

This year's "trip through Never Land featuring Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Tic-Toc, the crocodile, and Tinkerbell" is sure to be a hit with Maze Craze's visitors.